A Better Job Search - Interview Tip #3:

Learn to Wait

So when the interview is over and you’ve done the hard work—you’ve answered their questions the best you knew how; you’ve asked the kinds of questions that show you’re a self-starter and engaged; you’ve done your research and tried to impress—that’s when the next step of interview tactics comes into play. It’s called, “The Wait.”

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A Better Job Search - Interview Tip #2:

Do Your Homework

As interviewers, we often ask a potential employee a very standard interview question. It's probably a question you've been asked in an interview and you've undoubtedly given a response similar to what we've heard. We, like every other human resources department, have gotten a variety of responses. 

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A Better Job Search - Interview Tip #1:

Think Beyond the Interview

When going in for an interview, it’s easy to think in the short-term: I need a job. I need a second interview. I need to not talk too much. I need to impress. 

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The Search for the Right Job: A Good Place to Start. A Good Place to Stay.

Just about everyone, at some point in their professional career, has taken a job out of necessity. The obligation to “make ends meet” superseded the need for job satisfaction (at least in part). For some, that job lasted for a few days or weeks. For others, it lasted for years…even for an entire career. What we’ve discovered at Viking Client Services is that the reason a person starts a job is different from the reasons they stay at it.

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What Work Isn’t.

Developing Healthy Expectations for Your Boss, Your Job, and Your Colleagues


They can really mess up your perspective on just about anything in life…especially work. Over the 50 years that we have been in business, we’ve employed a lot of people. Some of them have stuck around for quite a while. They’ve helped us build what we are today, a thriving, growing company with a strong presence in our community. Some of our employees have simply been “passing through” on their way to other opportunities.

Through the course of these 50 years, we’ve learned a few things about work, about employees, about what motivates them and about what makes a work environment healthy.

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