3 Leadership Traits You Want to See in Your Boss

You may be interviewing for a new job or deciding whether you should stay at the job you have. You might be looking at the greener pastures of a different company or questioning your future in the one you’re at. Whatever the case may be for your employment, there are certain traits to look for in a manager that will help you determine whether the work environment is a healthy one. There are certain components of leadership that, if present, should indicate to you that the company is a place worth staying (or starting) at.


Personal and Career Development

Leaders that are thinking about who their employees will be in 20 years are the kinds of leaders that inspire people. Does leadership invest in training opportunities? Are employees given a chance to be heard? As you look at your current employer or the employer you’re considering, ask yourself whether the managers and leaders at the company are interested in building people up. Look for examples of employees who have started in one role and have grown into other roles, with more responsibility and more opportunities.


Leadership that feels unstable or unsettled can lead to employees that feel unmotivated and unsafe. Despite the fluctuations and nuances of day-to-day operations, good leaders provide a trustworthy steadiness for their employees. They don’t let bad days change the way they manage. The don’t let impulse dictate the messages they’re giving. Instead, the steadiness that’s provided by a good manager allows employees to feel the safety and consistency they need to effectively perform.


Managers that show employees that they're trusted are able to draw the best work out of their people. Rather than building a culture where employees are watched closely, where they are micromanaged or controlled, a good manager seeks to empower employees with opportunities to think creatively, act assertively, and work collaboratively. An atmosphere of trust is one that benefits everyone. It gives managers the chance to draw the best from their employees. It gives employees the chance to contribute the company.

If you’re considering a new job, assess the leadership culture of the company you're considering. If you are gainfully employed (or even marginally employed), assess your current leadership by some of these principles. What you'll find will give you the framework for the kind of boss, and the kind of company, you want to work for.

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