What We Mean by Committed to Good 

Whether it’s the interactive and professionally enriching culture that we’re building alongside our employees or the thoughtful, strategic approach we take with every customer interaction, Viking Client Services is committed to good. 

Here's how Viking Client Services is committed to good:


Viking Client Services is committed to being a good partner, a good employer, a good community-member, and a good contributor. We strive to make every interaction, whether with outside customers or internal employees, a positive one. 

A Good Partner

Our partners can trust us. We continue to run our business with the consistency and integrity that has brought us through our first 50 years of doing good work in a tough industry. Many companies have come and gone in our industry since we started, but we remain steadily committed to serving the companies and people who trust us to work with their customers. 

A Good Employer

Our employees are important to us. We want our employees to enjoy coming to work. We want them to contribute to the good work we do by helping us identify new and better strategies for doing the work. We know that we wouldn’t be where we are without the hard working people who work on the front lines for the business and so we want to do everything we can to make work feel less like work. 

A Good Community Member

Our community needs us. We want to always be in the business of helping people out, of giving to those in need and building up surrounding communities. We consistently partner with local charities so that the work we do doesn’t just benefit our bottom line. It also benefits those who live and work in the area. 

A Good Contributor

There’s more to giving than money. We believe that a company that’s truly committed to good will do more than they need to so that others can do more than they dreamed of. From an employee culture that values hard work and initiative to a others-focused service philosophy for every interaction, Viking Client Services strives to contribute something positive to every employee, partner, client, and customer. 

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