At Viking Client Services, we are committed to people and committed to good. 

For our employees, that means that we are committed to them. We do everything we can to make Viking Client Services more than just a job with a paycheck. We make it an opportunity. 

good iconCommitted to our people. Committed to their good

We lead the insurance claims management, debt recovery, and payment services industries by delivering quality service, time-tested methodologies, and innovative solutions. We prioritize compliance without sacrificing efficiency. We lead in innovation without dismissing practicality. 

Ultimately, our processes and standards are focused on building people, because people are the reason we are in business.

results iconResults are how we measure success.

We want to provide good returns and service for each of our clients, and we equip our employees to make this happen.

We accomplish this by:

  • Integrity: Doing what’s right. Every time. Even when no one’s looking. 
  • Building a Reputation over Time: Being consistently honest, consistently thorough, and consistently empowering.
  • The Best Work Force: Attracting and retaining superior employees with a stable and enjoyable work environment with wages and benefits above that of our competitors. 
  • Dignity: Preserving the dignity of customer by providing manageable financial solutions for them.
  • Results: Recognizing the direct correlation between solutions provided and dollars recovered. 
  • Satisfaction: Striving for 100% satisfaction for our clients at all stages of our process.
  • Perspective: Realizing that our clients are the reason why we are in business.

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