At Viking Client Services, we’re building out a team of Account Representatives who will partner with our customers and clients to produce results and work collaboratively as a team to solve problems. Our Account Representatives do the front line work of Viking Client Services.

Giving You Experience That Takes You Places

Those who start their careers at Viking build strong resumés for careers in finance, customer service, management and leadership, sales, and other fields.

While some may feel that a career in “collections” doesn’t sound like a fit for them - too difficult, too much pressure, too far away from the direction they want to go - the opportunity as an Account Representative is about much more than the simple job description.

Giving You Support That Helps You Succeed

Viking Client Services has been a leader in the debt recovery business for a half a century. That’s 50 years of building systems that produce results and take care of people. It’s 50 years of being committed to innovation, working effectively within a highly regulated industry to solve problems and produce results. With all of our experience in this industry and the sophisticated training program we’ve built out of what we’ve learned, our employees are positioned for a long-term, successful career. We bring our employees into the problem-solving process. We employ technology solutions that equip our people with tools, processes, and support to help them succeed.

Giving You Benefits That Mean Something

With an on-site fitness center, flexible scheduling, and a training program that equips you with valuable leadership and customer service skills for the rest of your career, Viking is providing our employees with a work environment that is collaborative and supportive. All of our full-time employees receive medical, dental, and vision benefits as well as many other benefits (like 401K matching, Employee Referral Programs, Incentive-Based Bonuses, and the list goes on).

Account Representative for Viking Client Services: Experience. Support. Benefits.

At Viking Client Services, we are building a team of Account Representatives who are looking for experience that will set them up for many new opportunities, who are looking for an environment that supports them and equips them for success, and who are looking for an employer who will take care of them.

Learn more about the experience, support, and benefits that come with a position at Viking Client Services.

And see if our team is the one you should join.

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