Bringing trust, restoration, and leadership to our industry.

At Viking Client Services, we have established ourselves as the leader in our industry. We have done this with both the right people and the right processes. Whether collecting and recovering debts on behalf of a client, providing online payment processing solutions, or working in conjunction with a business partner in insurance claims and subrogation, we provide our industry with the stability and leadership that it needs. 

trust iconTrust 

We are dependable and trustworthy in our industry. The trust we have established comes from a unique ability to keep steadfast standards of compliance while remaining agile and ethical in the way we handle data, business, and people. 

For our employees, this means:

We keep our word. We protect what’s most important. We are committed to our people and to their good. 

restoration iconRestoration

We value empathy, empowerment, and problem-solving. Viking Client Services does a tough job in a tough market. We do it well and we are dedicated to leaving everything better than we find it. 

For our employees, this means:

Our people are treated fairly. They are given opportunities for growth and development. Our people are how we accomplish our company’s purpose. And we don't forget that.

leadership iconLeadership 

We are setting industry standards and changing industry culture. Establishing norms within our industry of compliance with agility, empowerment of individuals, and data-driven solutions that don’t sacrifice efficiency or productivity. 

For our employees, this means:

We set you up to succeed. We let you create a healthy, creative workspace full of opportunity. 


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