Measuring Success at Work

Every job rewards performance in one way or another. For some, it’s the “Employee of the Month” banner or a picture on the wall. For some, it’s commissions or bonuses. Some rewards are more anecdotal…like getting more opportunities for your voice to be heard by management or being considered a more likely candidate for promotion.

However your company measures success, there are some things we’ve learned in our 50 years in business about how to measure success, what matters the most, and what really makes the difference in building a workplace that keeps good people doing good work for a long time.


Integrity is often described as “what you do when no one is looking.” As an employer, we depend on our employees, and every time we hire a new one, we’re extending trust to that person. We’re saying, “We trust that you’ll be honest, that you’ll not steal from us or lie to us. We trust that you’ll work hard and in exchange for that hard work, we’ll pay you.” Integrity is a must. Integrity should be standard for success in every employee, whether working in a corner office or a corner market.


Your reputation isn’t something that’s built overnight. It can be lost with one bad decision, but it’s built over a long period of time, within the day in and day out of your life. In your work, that means that one day of solid performance might get you a pat on the back. One month of solid performance may get your name on a plaque or a commission check in the mail. But consistent performance will earn you a reputation. And a reputation will earn you opportunities.


Sometimes results are about satisfied customers. Sometimes they’re about a fully stocked inventory, a completely clean showroom, or finished project. Ultimately, results in business are always about money. Everything we do in business is either earning or losing money for our business. Measuring your success at work, on some level, needs to be about results. Have you done the job that your employer trusted you to do today? If so, how? If not, why not? Are you lacking the support or the software that will make you productive. Are you wasting time or getting distracted?

As you consider your job and where you’re at professionally, how do you measure success? Is it based on commissions? Sales? Positive customer feedback? Positive supervisor feedback? Opportunities for promotion? Chances to be part of the big conversations…or at least a seat at the table?

Your work will measure your performance in any number of ways. But how will you measure your performance? At Viking Client Services, we are committed to providing an environment that rewards hard work, integrity, and results. We are committed to making sure people have the tools, resources, team, and support to succeed. And we are committed to hiring people who are committed to integrity, to building a good reputation, and to results.

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