A Better Job Search - Interview Tip #3:

Learn to Wait

So when the interview is over and you’ve done the hard work—you’ve answered their questions the best you knew how; you’ve asked the kinds of questions that show you’re a self-starter and engaged; you’ve done your research and tried to impress—that’s when the next step of interview tactics comes into play. It’s called, “The Wait.”

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A Better Job Search - Interview Tip #2:

Do Your Homework

As interviewers, we often ask a potential employee a very standard interview question. It's probably a question you've been asked in an interview and you've undoubtedly given a response similar to what we've heard. We, like every other human resources department, have gotten a variety of responses. 

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A Better Job Search - Interview Tip #1:

Think Beyond the Interview

When going in for an interview, it’s easy to think in the short-term: I need a job. I need a second interview. I need to not talk too much. I need to impress. 

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