The Post Graduation Question: A Good Job or Any Job?

Finding the Right Job When You've Finished Your Degree

So you’re starting your career? How do you know where to look? What expectations should you have for your first “real” job after graduation? Before the ink on your diploma has even had time to dry, there’s already pressure to answer the question, “So...What’s next?”

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Your Job and Your Boss: Changing Your Perspective

Making Your Boss - And Your Workday - More Successful

Sometimes we need something drastic to wake us up from a mundane routine. Sometimes we just need something subtle. Consider these exercises to make your work day more enjoyable and your job more challenging.

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Committed to Good

What We Mean by Committed to Good 

Whether it’s the interactive and professionally enriching culture that we’re building alongside our employees or the thoughtful, strategic approach we take with every customer interaction, Viking Client Services is committed to good. 

Here's how Viking Client Services is committed to good:

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3 Questions to Figure Out What's Next for Your Career

3 Questions to Figure Out What's Next for Your Career

When people are in job-search mode, it can be a very frustrating time. Whether they’re looking for a job out of necessity (because they’re currently without one) or for a change of scenery (because they’re not satisfied where they’re at), the process can be frustrating, and even grueling.

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A Better Job Search - Interview Tip #3:

Learn to Wait

So when the interview is over and you’ve done the hard work—you’ve answered their questions the best you knew how; you’ve asked the kinds of questions that show you’re a self-starter and engaged; you’ve done your research and tried to impress—that’s when the next step of interview tactics comes into play. It’s called, “The Wait.”

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A Better Job Search - Interview Tip #2:

Do Your Homework

As interviewers, we often ask a potential employee a very standard interview question. It's probably a question you've been asked in an interview and you've undoubtedly given a response similar to what we've heard. We, like every other human resources department, have gotten a variety of responses. 

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A Better Job Search - Interview Tip #1:

Think Beyond the Interview

When going in for an interview, it’s easy to think in the short-term: I need a job. I need a second interview. I need to not talk too much. I need to impress. 

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