Is Your Company Committed to You?

Employment can be a funny thing. On one hand, a job is a job. You’re being paid to perform a certain task. It’s expected that you perform it to a level of quality that is acceptable and in exchange for your work and for the quality of your work, you receive some level of compensation. Sometimes the compensation is strictly financial. Sometimes there are additional benefits, stock options, and fringe benefits based on performance. But the scenario is pretty straightforward. Performance provides payment.

How can you tell if the company you work for is committed to you? 


One of the things that your company is looking for from you is commitment. Commitment means that you’ll have integrity in the job you do. It means that you’ll be dedicated to working hard, being honest, performing as effectively and efficiently as possible. It means that you’ll do your best to represent the standards and values of the company in each transaction. Whether you’re scrubbing floors, making calls, leading teams, or flying airplanes, the general rules are all the same. Employers are looking for commitment from their people.

What does it look like when the company you work for wants to pour into you as much as they expect from you?


A company that offers flexibility to its employees is showing that they understand that life is more than work, and that sometimes life happens. If your workplace provides an opportunity to have a flexible schedule or a chance to make a change based on a sick kid or car trouble, you can trust that your employer is trying to set you up to succeed.


This is another way to say “training.” But it’s bigger than training as well. It’s not just saying that your workplace will do their part to make you a better representative of the company. It's saying that your company will do their part to make you a better person. By investing time, energy, and resources into you as a person, into your personal and professional development, a company is acknowledging that they view you as more than a number. They see the value in having a workforce who is equipped to the job in front of them and the job that’s to come for them.

Personal and professional development enrich the lives of those who are a part of it. The company that invests in it have a richer, deeper, more committed workforce.


Are there opportunities at your workplace for advancement? Does management listen to the ideas of those who are “in the trenches” of the work? When looking for management and leadership potential, do they recruit from within?

Companies that spend time training their people are investing in them. Companies that hire from within are trusting them. The more opportunities you have at your job to grow into new roles, to be heard for your ideas, and to try new things, the more you can experience how committed your company is to you.

When a company is committed to their people, it shows in the way they treat their people. It shows in how they listen to them and how they invest in them. It shows in the opportunities they give them to move ahead. It shows in their culture, in their meetings, in their processes, and in their leadership. 

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