Meet Tori.

Tori is a manager at Viking, and has been here for 2 years. 

New Opportunities. New Growth.

When Tori started her job at Viking Client Services, she was joining a team that was going to help her succeed. She just didn’t realize it yet. 

A New Definition of Performance

What Tori discovered was this: Just like any other workplace she knew of, Viking rewards performance. But unlike any other workplace, Viking defines performance differently. 

She found that, at Viking Client Services, performance is when an employee helps solve problems and save the company time and resources. 

Performance is also when an employee puts the needs of a colleague over his or her own. 

This kind of performance earns employees like Tori new opportunities. She started as an agent. Within 7 months, she became a Team Lead. And within a year of that, she became a manager. 

The Future in Focus

According to Tori, Viking prides itself on creating the kind of environment that sets its people up for success. Some of that is by creating a team atmosphere, where everyone has a seat at the table. Some of it is by looking out for our people, and not just looking out for the numbers. But most of it is by hiring the right people. 

At Viking Client Services, we do a tough job in a tough industry. But our people are what make us the best. And we want them to be rewarded for the work they put in.

 Viking Client Services is committed to people and committed to good. To search open positions at Viking, click here.
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