Meet Britney. She’s found work that’s rewarding with Viking Client Services.

“I never dreamed that customer service and billing would be what I would love to do. But I enjoy coming to work every day with a huge smile on my face and I love working my hardest every day to better myself.”

A New Opportunity

The decision to start a job at Viking Client Services was not something Britney ever thought would be so transformational. Would it be “just another job?” Would it be something that was a stepping-stone to get her somewhere that she truly wanted to be? She wasn’t sure. But what she discovered as things unfolded put a smile on her face and a new path in front of her. 

Since coming to Viking, Britney has discovered a few things.

  • There’s satisfaction in problem-solving alongside a caring and engaged team. 
  • By taking a risk and trying something new, she was able to find a place that her personality, talents, and gifts are all working together to do good things. 
  • It’s possible to work somewhere that your opinion is valued and that you’re taken care of. 
  • Stepping up to new challenges makes her a better employee and a better person. 

Higher Expectations

Since starting, Britney’s understanding of what she could expect from a job has changed. And what makes her job at Viking really exciting is that her understanding of what she could expect from herself has also changed. She's capable of more than she thought. And she's learning new things every day. 

Good Business. A Rewarding Job.

Viking Client Services does good work in a tough industry. But we know that the good work we do is only possible when we partner with the right people — people like Britney. 

 Viking Client Services is committed to people and committed to good.

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