Viking AVP of Operations, 2 Years

When Ryan started looking for a new job, he knew it was time to do something different. He’d had different jobs through the years. Some he liked; some he didn’t. But he wanted something that felt different from anything he’d had before. He liked to work hard and wanted to believe in what he was doing. He wanted something he could commit to for the long haul. 

Leaders that Train

The first thing that stuck out to Ryan in his new job at Viking Client Services was the training and guidance that came with being an employee. The training philosophy isn’t just for new hires. It’s a 360-degree training process that produces the best results in the industry. 

Any organization is only as good as the people who are in the trenches daily.  Viking has made a large and calculated investment into every employee to make sure they have the tools to provide professional and positive interactions with every client In addition to great financial results for our clients, Viking Client Services receives a 99.9% positive comment response from consumers that they speak with on the phone each day. That kind of positive response from consumers shows how valuable this continual training is and how wise of an initiative it has been.  

Leaders that Listen 

As Ryan became acclimated to his new work environment, he discovered that Viking was different than anything he’d experienced before. The executive team listened to him. They didn’t just welcome feedback or encourage people to talk to their supervisors. They went out of their way to understand their employees. They wanted to know what was working and what needed to change. His opinions mattered. 

Ryan began to see changes within Viking based on the suggestions he’d provided to his leadership team. It was clear that leadership was listening. 

Work that Rewards

Some thoughts from Ryan:

"I have been given so many great opportunities since coming to Viking.  The organization values employees who step forward with new and innovative ideas and are open to changes that can bring positive improvements in the organization.  Working here has allowed me to deepen my analytical & technological skills as well as gain access to invaluable training as a part of my ongoing development. Our staff goes home each night feeling like they have really done great work to help consumers navigate some difficult situations and come to a resolution they feel good about."

 Viking Client Services is committed to people and committed to good. To search open positions at Viking, click here.
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