Billing/Pre-Collection Team Lead

2 Years with Viking Client Services

According to Philip, a Team Lead at Viking, Viking Client Services demonstrates our commitment to people by taking care of them. He’s not the first employee to talk about this, because people want to work somewhere they feel valued. Our company does a tough job in a tough industry. The way we make that possible is by taking care of the people who have given us our great reputation. With a compensation package and bonus structure that’s truly unique in this industry, our people can establish themselves here as long-term employees. 

We sat down with Philp and asked him some questions about his work with us here at Viking Client Services. 

What is the most rewarding part of Viking?    

The most rewarding part of my experience here has to be my co-workers and managers.  The atmosphere that has been created here is a positive one and I don’t feel that the majority of people dread going into work everyday.   

How do you think Viking keeps our promise of being committed to people and committed to good?

The way that I could best describe this is the wage and bonus structure that the company offers. In order to recruit and hold on to quality employees it is important to compensate them appropriately for the value they are providing the company. I feel as if the compensation offered here is more than fair compared to other agencies out there. 

How has Viking impacted your career?

Viking has impacted my career by giving me the tools and guidance that I feel are necessary to succeed in this industry.  I have learned a lot of useful skills from my managers and other co-workers that have been crucial in helping me succeed here. 

What makes Viking different?

I feel what makes Viking different is putting its employees first. Meeting client goals and expectations will always be top priority, but an effective way of meeting those are with an employee base that feels like their needs and ideas are valued by management. 

 Viking Client Services is committed to people and committed to good. To search open positions at Viking, click here.
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