Since the start of the pandemic, the economy and the job market have been tumultuous and unreliable. A multitude of people lost their jobs and had to search for new ones. Even if you were able to keep your job, there still seems to be uncertainty as we move into a post-covid world. While some layoffs are unavoidable, here are some ways that you can increase your job security.

Always Be Learning

When you’re constantly growing and learning new skills, you are making yourself more versatile and flexible. When employers see your eagerness to learn alongside good work ethic, they will be more likely to hold on to you when it comes time for them to start making cuts. Even if they need to cut your particular position, they could be swayed to move you into another role just to keep you around. 

Get Involved

If you’re not already involved in company extracurriculars or committees, now is the time to start. Spending time investing in the company culture is a vital part of increasing your job security. It shows your employers that you’re a team player and that you are contributing positively to the greater community. Show up to happy hours and holiday parties, or join the party planning or safety committee. A little bit of team spirit can go a long way. 

Focus on Showing Off Your Best Soft Skills

Well-developed soft skills are an invaluable trait for any great team member. Figure out where you excel and make sure your employer knows your strengths. Are you an excellent communicator? Be the spokesperson for your team presentation. Are you an expert problem-solver? Jump in on the conversation about how to convert that lead into a sale. Maybe you’re a gifted organizer and can finally tackle that unsightly stack of files in the corner. The more you’re able to be proactive with your soft skills, the more likely it is that your employer will continue to find you a seat at the table. 

Keep Networking

In addition to “Always Be Learning”, you should continue to “Always Be Networking.” When you start to get comfortable at a job, it can be easy stop keeping in touch with like-minded colleagues and professionals, letting those relationships go by the wayside. Take the time to meet people for networking events or coffee. You never know who might turn into your next coworker or client. It doesn’t hurt to also have these connections as a backup, just in case you happen to find yourself jobless.


Keeping yourself involved in both your company and your professional development are the key to increasing your job security. Nothing is guaranteed though, so be sure to always keep your resume updated. In addition, you’ll have continued to develop new skills, hone your current ones, and make new connections - all of which will help you stay employed, whether at your current company or your new one. 

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