While hard skills such as graphic design, data analysis, or accounting experience can help you land a job, the truth is that many employers are looking for workers who are team players, great communicators, and can adapt to changing plans or dynamics. While these soft skills might call for self-awareness, they require no training or experience and they are abilities that will help you land the job you want - and keep it!

Great Communication

This might seem like a no-brainer, but the more often and clearly you communicate, the better. Your supervisor and co-workers want to understand who you are and if they can rely on you. Besides good internal communication, employers are also looking for people who can communicate outside the organization with customers, vendors, or potential clients. And always remember that listening is just as essential in communication as speaking.


Employers like to know that they can count on you. Being a trustworthy employee is more than just showing up on time and following through on your word. It’s also owning up to and taking responsibility for mistakes—and making them right. Showing your company and your co-workers that you’re accountable for your words and actions builds trust and relationships that will last. 


Are you able to embrace new challenges and changes at work? Are you able to adapt as needed when it comes to changes in leadership or company structure? Flexibility doesn’t necessarily mean giving up your boundaries or working longer hours. It means having the ability to gracefully move with external changes in a way that is professional and helpful to the company.

Healthy Boundaries

A good employer respects employees that have healthy boundaries. Instead of saying “yes” to every project or opportunity and subsequently dropping the ball because you have too much on your plate, be realistic about what you can take on so that you can do your job well. A good boss will appreciate your honesty and effort to do your work well. If your company does not respect and encourage healthy boundaries, it might be time to look for a company that will. 

Support Your Colleagues

Congratulate Pam on her promotion. Show Stanley how to work in the new database. Ask Kelly about what she did this past weekend. Building working relationships with coworkers not only benefits your company by having a harmonious team, it also provides you with a network of support when you need it. Employers are looking for workers who are able to work well with others and build healthy work relationships.


As you search for your next job or career, remember that soft skills can be your most valuable skills. Put them on your resume or in your cover letter. Be sure to prepare how you’re going to talk about them in your interview. Once you land that offer—be sure to know the art of negotiating so that you get the job package you deserve.

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