Just about everyone, at some point in their professional career, has taken a job out of necessity. The obligation to “make ends meet” superseded the need for job satisfaction (at least in part). For some, that job lasted for a few days or weeks. For others, it lasted for years…even for an entire career. What we’ve discovered at Viking Client Services is that the reason a person starts a job is different from the reasons they stay at it.

The Need to Do SOMETHING

People will start a job simply because they need to pay their bills. They’ve discovered that they can’t sit around and wait for the ideal employer to come knocking on their door, and so they take action. They find something that works for them and then move forward.

Others will start a job because they’ve decided it’s time for a change. Either a current employer isn’t the right fit or a personal need to see life take a new direction will cause someone to start a new job with a new company.

The Need to Do Something SIGNIFICANT

Whatever the reason for moving to a new job, people inevitable get to a point where they have to decide if they’re going to stay at that job. They have to decide if they’re going to continue to perform in a way that will keep their supervisors satisfied with their work. They have to figure out whether they’ll keep their eyes out for greener pastures at other companies or in other industries.

Most people won’t stay at a job if too much time passes without feeling appreciated. Compensation and opportunities for promotion can communicate those sentiments, as can a corporate environment where leadership isn’t detached from employees. Sometimes, simply “feeling heard” is enough to motivate someone to stay longer and work harder. Most often it’s a combination of taking care of employees in practical ways (like compensation and feedback) and building a corporate environment that is rewarding.

At Viking, we’ve found that people start with us for a variety of reasons (reasons like what we mentioned), and they stay with us for one reason. Our employees stay because they are treated fairly. They are given opportunities for promotion. They are encouraged to share their ideas and to have their voices hears. People stay at Viking because they are appreciated and they are compensated accordingly. People stay at Viking because the work that we do is making a difference.

The necessity of finding a job and keeping a job is never going to go away…at least for most of us. At Viking Client Services, we know that people will find us for many different reasons. We’re committed to making sure they’ll want to stay.

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