Do Your Homework

As interviewers, we often ask a potential employee a very standard interview question. It's probably a question you've been asked in an interview and you've undoubtedly given a response similar to what we've heard. We, like every other human resources department, have gotten a variety of responses. 


That question: “Do you have any questions for me?”

The Worst Answers

Sometimes, people say, “No.” For the record, that’s probably the worst response. You should always have a question. Or at the very least, you should say something like, “Actually I feel like all of my questions were answered today. This has been great. Thank you.” But closely behind that terrible response of "No" are questions like “What’s the vacation policy?” “How much does this position pay?” and “Are you going to be calling my references?” Those questions are usually red flags. But people have asked them, and then wondered why we weren't necessarily impressed.

Some Better Answers

Sometimes, people come up with some pretty canned and basic questions. These  aren’t bad, because they’re at least an indication that the person has some basic interview etiquette. They give us a chance to talk a bit off the record. Questions like, “What is the work team like?” and “What kinds of opportunities for advancement come with this company?” do just fine to show us that an interview is moving in the right direction. They can help us assess how much a candidate cares about succeeding.

The Best Answers

Some of the best questions we get go deeper than that. They show that the candidate has invested time and energy into our company. There’s a big difference between a question that starts with “Can you tell me more about…” and one that says, “I read on your website that…” The first is generic and neutral. The second shows initiative that predates our meeting time.

So do your homework on a company before that interview. Find some pieces of their brand and identity that demonstrate your interest in the company, that spark your interest and reflect your personality. 

There’s no perfect question, because it always depends on how the interview is going. But if you show initiative and do your research, you’ll leave a lasting impression on the people you’re meeting with.

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