All of us have hours of the day and times of the year where we are more focused, more productive. Whether we do our best thinking in the morning or can’t seem to wake up when it’s cloudy outside, our levels of productivity and accomplishment are always shifting. But there are things you can do to make yourself more consistent in your productivity. 

Schedule Wisely

Think about when you’re best times are for certain types of tasks, and do your best to schedule your days accordingly. If early afternoons are tiring, then consider scheduling some meetings that engage your mind or force you out of your routine. While not every job has such flexibility and not every position has freedom to change schedules, it’s still worth considering what kinds of changes are available to you and how those changes could help you stay productive. 

Envision Your Day

Productivity is often a byproduct of planning. Whether or not you work well with task lists and to-do’s, you should still plan your day so that you can keep things moving. This may sound obvious to some, but what we’re really talking about here is something quite intentional. Before you start your day, envision it. Think about what you’ll allow to distract you. Think about how you’ll structure your day…hour by hour. Think about what’s first and what’s second. Think about what’s last on your priority list. Think about how you’ll get yourself back on track if (and when) distractions come. 

Live Realistically

Much of our productivity is about expectations. If you live and work by impossible standards, believing that the entire world is on your shoulders, you’ll probably never walk away from a work day feeling like you were productive. But if you had realistic expectations on yourself, your job, your boss, and your colleagues, you’ll likely begin to experience more satisfaction. Some pieces of your job are not in your control. Many of them are. When we say “living realistically,” we’re saying that you often aren’t having the right standards for yourself.


Envision your day before it comes. Set realistic goals and standards for success. Build a schedule that works for your personalityNo matter what job you have, there are steps you can take to increase productivity.

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