As we’ve grown our business to the place it’s gotten to, expanded service offerings, built and sustained a team, and adapted our workplace to changing social and economic environments, we’ve learned a lot about what makes some people successful. Those who learn as they work, who ask good questions and respond to training and correction move ahead. 

Moving into Bigger Things

Turning a Page in Your Career


Flexibility is a teacher. The more that you’re able to “roll with the punches” of a job, the more you’ll find yourself learning new things, being given new opportunities, and becoming more aware of who you are, what makes you tick, and what environments you work best in. The more flexible you are in your job, the more you’ll discover what matters to you, what motivates you, and what makes no difference to you. It will give you clarity. 


Risk is worth it. Of course, this needs to be taken in context of a person’s life and personality. It means something different depending on who you are and what you value. For some people, it means quitting your job to start a business out of your garage without a shred of a contingency plan. To others, it means eating lunch in the break room instead of their cubicle. Whatever it means to you, consider the value in taking a reasonable risk. Step out of your routine to try something new — whether it’s starting a side hustle, picking up a woodworking hobby, taking a class on javascript, or asking your boss for opportunities to try new things. 

No journey worth watching is without a healthy dose of risk. 


Be willing to ask questions of those who know you best. Ask your boss, your colleagues, your spouse or partner, and your mentors where they think you should be more flexible or take more risks. Then ask yourself how you’re doing at work. Are you being the kind of employee you would hire and promote? Would you want you on your team? Honest evaluation and feedback can produce lasting, meaningful change in your life if you’re willing to act on the feedback you receive. 


Your career path — much like every part of your life — will be a reflection of the choices you make and the values you keep. If you’re willing to adapt to new challenges and take new risks, you’ll move into new opportunities. If you’re willing to listen to the feedback, insights, and advice from those around you, those new opportunities can move you into bigger things.

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