Since the start of the pandemic, our job market has been in a profoundly volatile place. From supply chain issues to workforce shortages, budgetary restraints, and new standards for productivity and effectiveness, there’s not an industry unaffected by the changes forced upon us.

From a career placement standpoint, this volatility has led to high numbers of jobless claims and a job market that has HR managers and recruiters scratching their heads. If you are in a difficult spot professionally or if you are simply ready to take control of your professional life in a new way, there are some practical, fun, and effective ways to do it.

Do What’s Essential

If there’s one thing the pandemic has shown us, it’s that only the essential will survive. Companies became more lean and less sloppy. They trimmed the fat and did the essential pieces of businesses as efficiently and effectively as possible. The more that you can carry that trimness and efficiency with you into every single task on every single day, the more you’re showing your worth to the company. Do the essential work without waste.

Learn New Skills

This is especially significant if you are still working from home. Consider using the time you once spent at lunch or on a commute to build out new job skills or expand your licensing. This new season in business has opened up the workplace to new opportunities for companies and for their employees. And given the digital platforms available for learning just about any skill, software, or trade, there’s no limit to what’s possible for you. You just need to start.

For some people, this season has been the incentive to move into something they are more excited by. For others, this season showed new, better ways to do the job in front of them. And for the majority, this season exposed the fears, uncertainties, and vulnerabilities within their situations. Jobs were lost. Businesses were shuttered. Common household staples became hard to come by. Positions once considered essential were eliminated. From entire industries being shut down to supply chain disruptions that changed how we define success and how we determine what expectations are reasonable, this season has tested just about every boundary in the market.

As you move forward, don’t forget the lessons of the pandemic. Do the essential work efficiently and effectively. Learn new skills that expand and sharpen your mind. And do it with the understanding that the year ahead of us can be a time for a brand new perspective on work and on life.

If you’re looking for meaningful work with opportunities to develop as a leader for a company that promotes from within and rewards good work, check out the opportunities at Viking Client Services.

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