Have you ever been voicing your frustrations of the hassles and hurdles of finding a job only to have someone feel compelled to share the not-so-helpful quip, “Lots of places are hiring.” The statement is clearly not being made by someone who is actually looking for a job. The actual process of searching for, interviewing for, preparing for, and starting a new job is something altogether different when you’re the one going through it. While many places may say they’re hiring, that doesn’t mean they’re hiring you.

And so as you consider how to go on this journey of job hunting, there are things to think about. 

Maybe you’re under-qualified.

Do you lack a certain credential, licensing, or job type in your history that would demonstrate your ability to do the job they’re looking to fill? Being under qualified for a job can be very frustrating. While many of us dream of the Hollywood-type scenario where the big office and massive opportunity comes to the guy because of his compelling speech that gave everyone goosebumps, the opposite is usually true. Your resume gets put on the bottom of the stack because the hiring manager isn’t able to spend more than 20 seconds looking at it. Being under-qualified can be frustrating. But it could also mean that it's time for you to find a way to show your qualifications. Maybe it's by pursuing the degree or the certification. Maybe it's by taking a job you're not crazy about in order to get the experience your resumé lacks. 

Maybe you’re over-qualified.

Have you ever hidden or lied about credentials on a job application by making yourself look less educated or experienced than you actually were. Believe it or not, it happens quite often. When someone just needs a job — any job — to pay the bills, many of the jobs available to them won’t be available to them because hiring managers know they are not going to stick around. If you’re overqualified for a job, you can feel just as trapped as the guy who doesn’t get a fair shot because he lacks some initials after his last name. If you're over-qualified for the jobs you're going for, you are in a unique dilemma. 

Maybe it’s time for a new definition.

Maybe this is your time to move into an industry you’ve not been in before. That may mean you’re starting over — or at least being set back — with your salary. It may mean that your memories of the corner office or lofty title at your last job will seem like a dream. But it may also mean that you establish authority in an industry you otherwise would never have accessed because you were far too narrow in how you defined who you are, what you’re good at, and where you’re headed.


If you’re looking for work in this season of life, and if you can feel the frustration from those who say things like, “Oh, lots of places are hiring,” then now is your time. If you’re under qualified for the jobs you’re going for, think about how to either gain more qualifications or to communicate the qualifications you feel you already have. If you’re overqualified, then maybe it’s time to redefine your goals and your expertise.

And if you're ready to see where you fit in a company that's growing and giving its people new, bigger, and better opportunities, connect with us at Viking Client Services. We're always building our team with the right people. 


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