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Taking Care of the People Who Make Us What We Are

At Viking Client Services, we are committed to our people and committed to their good. Our work environment supports our employees' health and wellness. We compensate fairly. We reward generously. We care about our community and we contribute to it. We engage our employees to help us solve problems. We have fun. We have excellent employee benefits. We promote our employees to positions of leadership. 

At Viking Client Services, we aren't looking for perfect people. We're looking for the right people. Below you'll see some snippets of stories about some of the right people we've hired here at Viking. They've all come here for a variety of reasons. They've all stayed here for one reason...

They’ve discovered that Viking Client Services is committed to people and committed to good.  

Meet Tori

Tori is a manager at Viking Client Services. When she was hired, it was as an account representative. Within 7 months of her first day, she was promoted to Team Lead. And after a year in that role, Tori became a manager. 

In Tori's own words: 

What makes Viking different is the executive team putting as much thought into their employees as they do the financial bottom line. I have never experienced that with any other company.

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Meet Britney

Britney wanted more than "just another job" when she accepted a position as an account representative for Viking Client Services. She didn't want something temporary or unfulfilling, but she didn't know how to express what she really did want.

What she found was something that she wasn't expecting. 

I never dreamed that customer service and billing would be what I would love to do.

Since starting, Britney’s understanding of what she could expect from a job has changed. And what makes her job at Viking really exciting is that her understanding of what she could expect from herself has also changed.

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Meet Ryan

As Ryan became acclimated to his new work environment, he discovered that Viking was different than anything he’d experienced before. The executive team listened to him. They didn’t just welcome feedback or encourage people to talk to their supervisors. They went out of their way to understand their employees. They wanted to know what was working and what needed to change. His opinions mattered. 

Ryan began to see changes within Viking based on the suggestions he’d provided to his leadership team. It was clear that leadership was listening. In Ryan's words, 

I have been given so many great opportunities since coming to Viking.  The organization values employees who step forward with new and innovative ideas and are open to changes that can bring positive improvements in the organization.

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Meet Philip

According to Philip, a Team Lead at Viking, Viking Client Services demonstrates our commitment to people by taking care of them. With a compensation package and bonus structure that’s truly unique in this industry, employees at Viking Client Services can establish themselves here as long-term employees. 

He has learned a lot from his managers and co-workers about quality, problem-solving, and teamwork. And the thing he's seen that's truly different from anywhere else he's worked has been the way he sees Viking Client Services put our employees first. Philip said, "Meeting client goals and expectations will always be top priority, but an effective way of meeting those are with an employee base that feels like their needs and ideas are valued by management."  

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Meet Elena

"My family sees a difference in my personality when I come home from work," Elena says, "and I am more energetic and less stressed."

Work wasn't something that Elena knew could feel rewarding. In fact, when she started her job at Viking Client Services, she wasn't expecting much. She just wanted a job and a paycheck. She wanted something where she could clock in, do her work, clock out, and go home. What she discovered, instead, was a place that was interested in what she had to say. She found an employer that took care of her and valued her. She found good people doing good work, and she found herself actually liking her job. 

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 Viking Client Services is committed to people and committed to good. To search open positions at Viking, click here.
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